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Once a collegiate student-athlete and UCLA, Dephanie knows firsthand the struggle of transitioning into a world without a team, coaches, and trainers to support your journey. Although track and field has been a monumental part of her life, she learned that it’s not the only part. It was this lesson that helped shift her priorities and mindset into one with her the fortitude to tackle life after athletes.

Despite a lack of resources or strong network when she chose not to pursue medicine post-graduation, Dephanie carved a path into a corporate space across multiple industries including marketing , advertising and management consulting.

Through years of work experience, she learned two things:

1. How to navigate the corporate world with limited experience and

2. People are interested in NCAA athletes stories. Her vision for Ninety8Percent is to make it the go-to platform for current and former athletes with the drive to network and find their way forward.

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